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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Learning

Learning & Development

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Virtual Reality- a 3D virtual environment where reality is mimicked as accurately as possible
Let them interact with information in real time and allow the immersive experience of 2D and 3D graphics present learning in an unforgettable and engaging way.
Take learners on a journey without leaving the classroom.
At Bridge Learning Tech we are passionate about how we can make our solutions work for you. All our solutions are developed and designed custom to your requirements and can be taken individually or as part of a tailor-made overhaul of your existing L & D. Talk to us about your needs.

Benefits of VR:

  • On-the-job real time learning
  • Economic – data is reusable
      Augmented Reality - presenting digital information on top of what a user is seeing
      • Accelerates training
      • Does not need specific output device
          Benefits of AR:
          • Virtual showrooms for CX/Sales training
          • Simple & accelerated onboarding
          • Process training, installation & repairs in manufacturing
              • Product knowledge
              • Health & Safety information
              • Remote site walk-throughs
              • Simulated scenario training
                  Possible applications of AR/VR in your L&D
                  We offer a made-to-measure LMS that fits your company's needs and exacting requirements.

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