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Interactive Video & Animation in Learning

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Great learning needs great content!

Even the driest of subjects (I'm looking at you, compliance) can be made more palatable, memorable and dare I say entertaining with the help of some great video content. Video can connect to people on an emotional and intellectual level so complicated subjects are easier to understand and behaviours taught in a relatable way. You only have to look at the social networks to see how video is the media of choice for many and its shareability and power to engage is unrivalled.
Our design team is well equipped with a range of talents, providing quality video and animation production that engages, entertains and provides effective learning.
Interactive video

Augmented and virtual reality

Instructional animations

Short videos tailored specifically for MicroLearning
Once the content is delivered, we also have the capacity to analyse the video's performance with bespoke or integrated reporting, to measure delivery and effectiveness of the videos, providing proof of effectiveness and ROI.
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