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Is Calculating Learning ROI Worth The Effort?
Reflecting on learning evaluation and ROI, I was struck by how the models
and processes to achieve it can, in fact, suck all enthusiasm for the subject
out of you.

We know all too well that the reality gap between how something is written
up versus the actual doing of it is large, if not yawning. The reality is that implementing a whole series of evaluation methodologies on top of the training plan is, well, tough going and potentially demoralising – no wonder
few venture beyond the most rudimentary evaluation. Calculating ROI can
be a test of endurance and you need commitment and resilience above all
else to keep the process going

Here's the advice and knowledge from our experts, explaining where
we are, where we want to be, and what we need to get there.

- Vlad Shishkaryov, Managing Director
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