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L&D Managers' Top 5 Priorities for 2020

1. User generated content. The sharing of peer-2-peer and best practice knowledge has seen a rise in the last couple of years with the trend set to continue in 2020. With a glut of information readily available and constantly changing, learning from peers is more reliable and trustworthy than other forms of learning and L&D professionals should look to this form of learning in the year ahead. Engaging content can be easily shared through learning portals in video, images and written form that will appeal directly to learners as it comes from their peers. UGC learning promotes an inclusive learning culture and essentially is real and relevant.

2. Importance of EQ in the workplace. Now more than ever, it is crucial that L&D managers are aware of their organization's collective EQ. High EQ within the workplace brings skills like leadership and management, complex problem solving, motivation and communication skills and are an essential focus in workplace learning. With the ever-rising automation of systems and processes, roles are changing, and new roles are emerging leading L&D managers to focus on supporting and nurturing this skill set moving forward. High EQ will give staff the skills to embrace change, allowing businesses to successfully navigate the future workplace and exploit the change for good.

3. AI. 2020 will see AI become commonplace in L&D. Whether its by using the available data to facilitate customized learning, optimize training programmes and content or adapting content to suit specific learning styles, AI is being embraced by L&D professionals to enhance the learning experience and reduce learning times. AI builds a connection between learning and organisational competencies and benefits actual individual and collective performances. The training data generated is invaluable for the assessment, improvement and ongoing application of L&D strategies. If AI is not yet a component in your company's L&D, 2020 is the year to investigate its capabilities and advantages.

4. MicroLearning. 2020 will see MicroLearning taking a front seat in the L&D journey. First identified back in 1885, the 'forgetting curve' illustrated how there is an exponential loss of memory unless information is reinforced. For L&D managers, MicroLearning – delivering small pieces of information – should be used to support, introduce or recap learning. It is perfectly suited to the digital, mobile-first style of learning that suits today's learners and solves the problems of the 'forgetting curve', reinforcing learning over a period to ensure knowledge retention.

5. Tactical Solutions integrated with LMS. A workable and fit-for-purpose Learning Management System is the starting point for effective L&D. Tactical solutions that address a specific business need and solve specific problems within a process should be developed as a priority, and L&D managers need to work with LMS providers to make sure the LMS can integrate with these 3rd party solutions. The ability to integrate solutions is key to developing comprehensive L&D strategies that evolve with an organization as it grows and its priorities change.

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