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The Unseen Masterpiece: The Power of Human Emotion in a World of AI

As I looked upon the incredible portrait drawn by my 15-year-old daughter, I was struck by the beauty and raw emotion it captured.
She had skillfully drawn her grandmother with love and dedication, yet her grandmother would never be able to see it – she's blind.
In a world where artificial intelligence is advancing at breakneck speed, we're often dazzled by its ability to generate texts, images, and countless other marvels. But we must remember, nothing can ever come close to the depth of human emotion and creativity that goes into our art, performances, and personal endeavors.

As a founder and CEO of a technology company, I wholeheartedly embrace innovation. But let us not forget the irreplaceable value of human connection, passion, and empathy. A machine might create something that looks perfect, but it will never capture the soul of human artistry.

This portrait, a testament to the love between a granddaughter and her grandmother, is a powerful reminder that there are some things technology simply cannot replicate. It's the essence of our humanity that makes art and other creative pursuits so deeply meaningful and impactful.

Let us continue to push the boundaries of technology, but never at the expense of our capacity for love, empathy, and creativity. We need both – innovation and heart – to truly make a difference in this world.

16 March 2023