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CXC – Press Release

Bridge LT, in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, has successfully pioneered AI in the Hyundai Global Customer Experience Championship (CXC);
Customer service is increasingly using chatbots to provide their first line of contact when
customers are seeking advice and information. Chatbots are reliable; provide up to date
and precise information so in the world of Learning and Development a bot could be the
answer to your needs.
In three rounds of competition, AI was used extensively to simulate real-
life situations to test and evaluate both sales and service dealership staff;

AI has a promising future in staff development opportunities.
says Bridge LT CEO Vlad Shishkaryov.
The Championship, run by Hyundai Motor Company in partnership with Bridge Learning Technologies Ltd, has been hailed a success following the incorporation of AI into the global competition.

Structured to reflect real-life scenarios that sales or service dealership staff would encounter, the competition was attended by 130 representatives from around the world, speaking 20 different languages.

Integration of AI has helped remove any language biases and provided a 'level-playing field' for all participants. It also meant that all participants could compete in their own languages without the need of interpreters.

The technical challenges for the Bridge LT team were significant – it had to develop a digital solution that would be used by both contestants and judges.
The CXC digital solution has done just that, processing 3,250 short videos
from the preliminary round, 260 large files from the role plays, and
facilitated automated written tests that enabled judges provide fair
evaluation and feedback.

The technological architecture sitting behind the CXC solution is
impressive and includes Azure/Google cloud-based solutions, AI Cognitive
services, native iOS and Android apps, all driven and supported by Bridge
LT software development teams.

The successful utilization of AI in Learning and Development is just the
This is an exciting space to be in, and the pace of change is
accelerating. We want to see learning becoming more dynamic,
immediate and inspiring, and AI enables that. The possibilities in this field
are only limited by our imagination.
says Vlad Shishkaryov, Bridge LT CEO
Bridge LT is a boutique consultancy specializing in performance
improvement sustained by technological solutions and IT Managed Service

Bridge LT works with leading Asian-Pacific, European and North American
companies creating software products for their businesses by assembling
and managing world-class development and engineering teams.