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Compliance Training

Compliance training, while a necessity in any regulated organisation, can be exceptionally dry for participants.
Your training must not only be able to give participants the required information, but it must also be able to communicate its importance, the benefits of compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Not only that, participants must take this learning away, put it into action in the daily working lives, and know that the success of the company depends on them executing their duties responsibly. A tall order.
This is where Interactive Video Learning comes in.

Video is an exceptionally successful medium for training, increasing recall and retention. And Interactive Video Learning improves on that.

Interactive Video Learning is able to make the training material real and relevant, bringing it to life and making it memorable. And it is also able to deliver a personalised learning experience to the user.

Interactive video keeps the learner’s attention with questions interspersed throughout. There can also be quizzes built in to check knowledge gaps or reinforce learning. And there are personalised follow-ups to tailor the learning experience to the learner’s particular requirements.

In addition, the learner can post questions or comments about the course content which can be used to improve existing or future training initiatives.

So how you can take advantage of Interactive video Learning?

Let’s take a look at some applications that would work well with Interactive Video Learning:

Anti-money Laundering: increase awareness and knowledge of financial crime risks with step by step personalised videos

FCA Complaint Handling: If you are subject to the FCA rules, engage and train your users to responsibly deal with and respond to complaints.

Fraud Prevention: Guide your users through the risks of fraud and the associated consequences with immersive and engaging videos

Managing Operational Risk: Test your users on managing operational risks and its challenges with tailored question and answer responses.

As you can see, Interactive Video Learning can be used for all aspects of compliance training. Training is delivered in a way which is engaging and will be retained. In doing so, you are effectively building internal compliance resilience and responsibility and safeguarding your organisation.

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